Pakistan Enforces Plastic Ban on 18 International Airlines

18 international airlines have been directed by the Aviation Division to stop using plastic tableware on flights into Pakistan. They have also been asked to ensure that the tableware is packed in paper and not plastic or polythene bags.

The decision was intimated to Malik Amin Aslam, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Climate Change, on Monday by Amjad Sattar Khokar Senior Joint Secretary Aviation Division.

Khokhar said,

We have given directives to airlines that they cannot use plastic cutlery in the flights as we want to stop the use of plastic. Moreover, it is observed that the cutlery is packed in plastic sacks so we have also directed them to ensure that the cutlery should be wrapped in paper rather than in polythene.

He added, “Also, we have decided to place standees with messages in this regard at airports so that passengers coming from abroad come to know that the use of plastic bags is banned in Pakistan.”

Malik Amin lauded these steps and added that such information can also be shown on electronic boards placed near airports. He said, “I was traveling to a country [he said without mentioning the name of the country] and at the time of entry I was told that there would be a $200 fine for the use of plastic bags.”

After the meeting, while talking to the media, Khokhar said that a written directive had been forwarded to the airlines a while back and timely reminders were sent to ensure compliance.

Khokhar added that a written directive was sent to the airlines a few months back and reminders were also sent to them to ensure implementation.

“Only China Southern Airlines has asked from us that under which law should it stop the use of plastic cutlery and we have given them a reply. Other airlines have not asked about it which means they have no objection to it. We hope that the decision of the Aviation Division would be implemented shortly,” he said.

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