Top 5 Dishes We Can’t Get Enough Of

When it comes to cravings there is no allotted time for food. You want it, you got it. On that note, we witnessed the launch of Shan Kitchen, where the cooking face-off took place between George Fulton and Shaneira Akram on the 20th August 2019, coming forth as a pleasant surprise.

This took place post the fun shopping challenge, led and introduced by Shan Foods for the first time ever in Pakistan.

George, being a foodie through and through, kept the audience hooked throughout the course of the launch event with his remarkable hosting skills, humor and enthusiasm. To see two non-desi individuals give it a go at the ultimate dish – biryani – was intense!

Cooking has surely been made easy with Shan Foods and its wide range of spices. Moreover, the addition of desserts and other variants has made it a complete go-to at all times. Let’s dig right into our top 5 dishes that we can’t get enough of!

Special Bombay Biryani

An all-time favorite and highlight at any lunch or dinner is none other than the Special Bombay Biryani. The ingredients are on the box, but we feel there is some special secret that makes it all the more scrumptious, with a taste set apart from the rest. Don’t believe us? Cook some tonight and see it for yourself!


Beef or Chicken, take your pick because this Korma mix is going to spin around the mundane routine and add life to the table, leaving you all with some satisfied taste buds. This mix, besides possessing a rich aroma, has distinct flavors that burst out on in every bite (and are to die for, by the way).

Seekh Kebab

Barbeque season never goes out because who doesn’t love some juicy, delectable seekh kebabs with daal and rice – the ideal combination. Oh, not to forget, with Shan Food’s plum chutney or mango pickles, you’ll fall in love with your BBQ dishes even more now!

Shoop Noodles

Midnight snacks call for some munchies, and what’s better than having a hot bowl of noodles? Easy to cook and just the perfect amount. Are you thinking of Netflix and Chill? Add this to the mix and you’re set for the weekend.


When we talk about actual rich-in-flavor desserts, the first thing that comes to our mind is none other than KHEER. We all know you’re already thinking about it, so head over to the store and grab a pack and surprise your family tonight with a dessert made with love.

This is our top all-time favorites list. That’s enough reading, now roll those sleeves up and get cooking (you can thank us later)!