Intel’s New XE Graphics Cards Are Coming in June 2020

In a recently posted teaser on Twitter, Intel’s chief architect Raja Koduri hinted that we might be seeing Intel’s XE graphics cards in the summer of 2020.

The teaser shows the back of his Tesla Model X, where it has a custom license plate that says ‘THINKXE’, ‘June’, and ‘2020’. And this seems to confirm Intel’s target launch date.

It is well known by now that Intel is planning to dip its toes into the graphics card market with its forthcoming XE Graphics Card series. This will include entry-level mobile GPUs all the way up to data centers, gaming GPUs, and even exascale supercomputers. The new XE based GPUs will also serve as a launch vehicle for Intel’s 7nm process.

As of yet, we have no idea whether the teased date is going to be an unveiling or an official launch date. But since Computex 2020 is going to be in June, Intel may announce the new lineup at the event then release it a few days later.

Intel hasn’t provided any more information on these cards beyond “first availability by end of 2020”.

A third contender entering the GPU race only means good things for consumers. As for performance numbers, we will have to wait and see until the reveal to find out how they stack up against AMD and Nvidia.

  • Intel hired Raja Koduri who was failure at AMD for Radeon cards,
    Now they’re trying to create Xeon+Radeon mixture, I hope its better than Intel builtin gfx technology.

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