Huawei Launches Next-Generation AI-powered Solutions at GITEX Technology Week 2019

At GITEX Technology Week 2019, Huawei, a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT), announced the launch of three new products within its enterprise portfolio: next-generation, all-flash storage product OceanStor Dorado; AI-native database GaussDB, and the high-performance distributed storage, FusionStorage 8.0.

OceanStor Dorado Intelligent All-Flash Storage: Fast, Solid, and AI-Powered

The OceanStor Dorado comprises the following innovative features:

  • Performance with Chip-Powered Architectures: Based on the Kunpeng 920, network chip, management chip, SSD controller chip, and AI-powered Ascend 310 processor, the OceanStor Dorado end-to-end platform delivers best-in-class 20,000,000 IOPS and 0.1 ms latency, meeting real-time application requirements.
  • Always-On Applications with SmartMatrix-based Reliable Layouts: The fully interconnected, high-reliability SmartMatrix architecture ensures service running even when seven out of eight controllers fail simultaneously, setting a new benchmark for storage reliability.
  • Efficient O&M with Edge-Cloud AI Synergy: The industry’s first intelligent storage product with built-in Ascend AI processors provides a semantic association of machine learning, improving the read cache hit ratio by 50%. Additionally, edge-cloud AI synergy implements intelligent lifecycle management and builds an automated data management system with a complete three-layer architecture, reducing customer OPEX.

GaussDB: Industry-leading AI-Native Database

GaussDB represents two major breakthroughs:

  • First, GaussDB pioneers the embedding of AI capabilities into the full lifecycle of distributed databases, making their self-O&M, self-tuning, self-diagnosis, and self-healing possible. In online analytical processing (OLAP), online transaction processing (OLTP), and hybrid transaction/analytical processing (HTAP) scenarios, GaussDB uses the optimality theory to create the industry’s first reinforcement learning self-tuning algorithm, improving tuning performance by over 60%.
  • Secondly, thanks to its innovative heterogeneous computing framework, GaussDB harnesses the power of diversified computing, including x86, ARM, GPU, and NPU computing. In the TPC-DS benchmark test, GaussDB ranked No.1 in terms of performance, 50% higher than the industry average.

GaussDB supports multiple deployment scenarios, including local deployment and deployment on private or public clouds. On Huawei Cloud, GaussDB provides a full spectrum of high-performance data warehouse services for customers in the financial, Internet, logistics, education, and automotive industries.

FusionStorage 8.0: The World’s Highest-Performance Distributed Storage

The intelligent world will raise standards even higher for the performance, scale, and manageability of storage systems. In response, FusionStorage 8.0 offers three innovative features:

  • First, FusionStorage 8.0 boasts the industry’s highest distributed storage performance. In the SPC-1 test, FusionStorage 8.0’s read-write performance per node reached 168,000 IOPS in 1ms, powering distributed storage for the first time to support critical enterprise applications.
  • Secondly, FusionStorage 8.0 simultaneously supports block, file, object, and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) protocols, allowing a single storage system to manage an entire data center.
  • Thirdly, FusionStorage 8.0 integrates AI into full-lifecycle storage management, from resource planning and service provisioning to system optimization, risk prediction, and fault location.

Alan Qi, GM of Data Center Solution Sales, Huawei Enterprise Middle East, launched the products during GITEX. He said:

In today’s digital economy, new connections and applications are accelerating data flows and the way we protect our data. With the rapid development of cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, AI, and the Internet of Things (IoT), a diverse range of applications and massive amounts of data have been generated, posing serious demands on real-time data processing. Data infrastructures must be upgraded to fulfill these demands. OceanStor Dorado intelligent all-flash storage solution embodies Huawei’s years of experience in all-flash storage technologies and helps customers get the most possible value from their data. Huawei has gained strong momentum in the Middle East enterprise market, with products in the Intelligent Data and Storage domain receiving high acclaim. This new OceanStor Dorado all-flash product, oriented to the Middle East market, sets a new benchmark in performance, stability, and intelligence. I’m confident that it will better serve our enterprise customers in the future, helping them create more business success.

  • Dubai Municipality signs strategic MoU with Huawei at GITEX Technology Week 2019. Huawei will also supply Dubai Municipality with state of the art solutions for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, using integrated intelligence and next generation Wi-Fi 6 solutions.

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