Imran Khan Named Muslim Man of the Year for 2019

Jordan’s Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center has placed Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan at the top of the list of most persuasive Muslims in the world, bestowing him with the title of ‘Man of the Year’.

Looking at his following on Twitter, Imran Khan has risen to become the 6th most popular global leader with 10.5 million followers on the microblogging platform.

Professor S Abdallah Schleifer, a professor emeritus of journalism at the American University in Cairo, and the Editor-in-Chief of Muslims 500, chose the winners and was all praise for the premier, saying:

If The Muslim 500 was in print back in 1992 and I was the Chief Editor then, I would have nominated Imran Khan as our Muslim Man of the Year, because of his brilliant performance in cricket, which culminated in Pakistan winning the 1992 Cricket World Cup — a sport I have always admired for its combination of elegance and intense competitive play.

He was particularly impressed with Khan’s desire for peace despite a hostile neighborhood.

“This is Imran Khan’s great dilemma — how do you make a much desired lasting peace with a nation governed by those who have neither interest nor need to make a lasting peace with Pakistan, and against whom any form of war would be hopeless”.

His efforts for building a cancer hospital in Pakistan also contributed to him winning the title, Schleifer was quoted as saying.

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Feature Writer

  • LMAO!!! This clown should be named playboy of the century. Only na mard losers follow this imran zani playboy idiot loser. As we all know just like Oscars these kinds of list doesn’t mean much as they are politically motivated. What he did for Muslims? nada nothing.

    He can’t even remove taxes on the internet, specially when his own task force recommended him to do so. This site even publish an article in Jan of this year. So when he doesn’t listen to his own people, who he’s gonna listen to?

  • There r poor muslims living in the world earning daily for their daily life and still helping others, maintaining good principles. They r the Muslim man of forever. You under the posting of PM wasting the money and spending full time to occupy others land, Not the people.have u ever adopt orphan or poor people.

  • When Fawad Alam, Tabish Khan, Khurram Manzoor, can’t make it to world cup squad and even to this Srilanka Series, bcoz there is no merit. So, how can you say that imran playboy is man of the year? This same man (aka clown) who didn’t even allowed merit in cricket?

    Now don’t say that it is upto misbah bcoz chief selector is selected by Ehsan Mani and he was selected by this imran, idiot of the year. Result of Srilanka home tour is front of everyone.

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