Twitter Reacts to Indian Pooja Ceremony for Their New Rafale Fighter Jets

India has received the first of its 36 Rafale aircraft from France during a ceremony at Bordeaux, France on Tuesday.

Senior officials of the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh were present at the ceremony. The deal with France is considered to be one of the most expensive in Indian history as pressure from inside India is building to ensure transparency in such mega-deals.

The acquisition has been done to beef up India’s air defense especially with a number of outdated Mig-21s crashing regularly.

All things aside, the ceremony was marked with their ritual worship, Shastra Puja, to protect the aircraft from evil and whatnot. The lemons and coconuts are making people laugh big time and you are going to as well.

The Twitterati are having a field day, making fun of the acquisition in hilarious ways. Let’s have a look:

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  • Laughs aside Pakistan need to take Rafale threat seriously. Rafale can take down PAF jets as soon they take off from air base. As rafale have long range shooting missiles.PAF need to come up with something new to counter this.

    • yes things like we are using since a decade

      looks like you are nit the smartest tool in the shed

    • Dude can you share your research..? If PAF can shoot down SU-30 MKI then Rafale is nothing further away from that. This is new generation of Air Combat in which Jets maneuverability and range matter less as the smart missiles could target the enemy from further beyond the visual range.

    • Pakistan has already tested PL-15 from JF-17 Thunder block II and it will be integrated into block III

  • i think one should not hurt / make a joke of other’s religious activities / acts as we may return the favor which will be our fault

  • Lol…if lemons n coconuts can save rafale.then it wd b far better to buy these for india as well..why to waste so much money…..??

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