This First-Class Cricketer Now Drives a Pick-up Due to New Domestic Structure

Pakistan Cricket Board’s new domestic structure has made a number of first-class cricketers jobless due to a limited number of teams participating in the new circuit. These players were previously on the payroll of different private and government departments.


While the new structure may streamline the system, it has its own drawbacks. Losing departmental jobs is one of the biggest issues faced by not just the lesser-known cricketers, but the stars as well. Fazal Subhan is one such less renowned cricketer hailing from Karachi, who now drives a van to earn his livelihood.

The 31-year-old used to play for HBL, drawing a monthly salary of roughly Rs 1 lac. The right-handed batsman has also represented Pakistan Under-19 and A teams, in addition to being a contender for Test cricket during his playing years.

The cricketer added that it’s hard for him to make ends meet with Rs 30,000-40,000 because he used to enjoy an earning of Rs 1 lac while playing for HBL.

Here are his numbers:

  Matches Innings Runs Highest Score Average Strike Rate 100s 50s
First-class 40 71 2301 207 32.87 57.95 5 11
List A 29 28 659 102 23.53 78.35 1 4
T20s 6 6 87 53 14.50 131.81 0 1

The destitute cricketer also added that there are a number of others like him who are either driving Careem cars or working in companies to earn their living.

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  • So sad Really , Like him & Many others r suffering, New system will look after 200 players but 1000s of cricketers & management staff r Unemployed because of this new model , I don’t know who will take the responsibility of this unemployment of cricket fraternity, for all the victims

    • propakistani moderators ^this free loader needs a firm Slap(ban). He’s always sneaking in these comment sections and commenting the most generic S H I T about topics, just to advertise his pathetic little website…You need to IP ban this guy.

  • Good decision to end this practice and focus solely on 200 players instead of thousands. Hiring too many people in a company always spells trouble when selecting few for a project.

  • “he was one of the less known cricketers”
    wow! of course to bring up new talent and new stars reforms were needed and better players are now taking place of the older cricketers who did not perform.
    it’s like ur saying:” i’m so sad cuz umar akmal is not included in national team although he never performs”
    just my opinion tho

  • its more than 13 months now for pti govt. did any corrupt person get hang yet? I’m still waiting. I think all 5 years will be over no one will justice. Bloody Revolution is needed to finish this elite class for once and all.

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