Fortnite is Back With a Huge Chapter 2 Update

Fornite is finally back after making its fanbase stare into a black hole that swallowed up the entire game in a dramatic ending.

Fortnite is back with a huge new update called Chapter 2. As expected, the update brings a fresh new map, tons of new skins and a welcome makeover of the gameplay itself.

What’s New?

The new map is more mountainous this time and has 13 new locations you can land in. There is a lighthouse in the far back and the whole island is divided by water inlets.

Chapter 2 also introduces swimming, fishing, and messing about in boats with your squad. You can now carry your fallen squad members to safety and shoot them with a healing bazooka in case anyone is critical.

You can hide in haystacks and blow up explosive barrels to ambush enemies. Combat has been tweaked as well. You can use resources to upgrade your weapons at the new “upgrade bench”.

The game promises less grind and a new XP system for the battle pass, as well as medals you can earn in-game by looting chests and eliminating enemies. There are also challenges you can complete by catching fish in the river.

Overall, it’s shaping up to be a massive upgrade over the original Fortnite.

  • I’ll give it a shot. If people can still play the same Madden and FIFA games year after year then I can take a look at Chapter 2

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