Vote Now to Help Pakistan Win at Projection Mapping World Championship

Imagine you’re in Berlin, Germany, enjoying the beauty of the popular Television Tower, when all of a sudden, the tower starts dancing with colors and light and attracts your attention; and when you focus, you are awestruck to find that it’s none other than our very own ‘Pakistani Truck Art’ that has mesmerized the entire city. How would you feel? Elated, proud, enthralled or curious that how did it happen and who did it?

Artec – Pakistan’s leading 3D projection mapping company – has been shortlisted after a rigorous and competitive process among the world’s top six digital companies to perform in the World Championship of Projection Mapping in this year’s Festival of Lights, Berlin, Germany.

Being a Pakistani, nothing could please you more than to see your own country getting chosen out of hundreds of the globe’s best teams to win a chance to show the world what Pakistan is capable of.

It’s an achievement that opens yet another chapter of our unprecedented potential and expertise, which propels our young tech-pros to showcase their talent on global platforms and make us proud. However, the competition is not over yet, rather it has entered a very interesting and critical phase, where only public voting will decide who the winner is.

So without a moment’s delay, let us rush to click on the given link, drop our vote, and help Pakistan win this time. It’s for the very first time that any team is representing our country in this contest, and if we support them, we can bring this victory home.

Vote by going to this website now: Festival of Lights Voting

What is Projection Mapping?

Projection-Mapping is a technique that converts objects, regardless of their shape, into a display surface, which is used for video projection. The objects are generally building walls, arches, pillars, facades, water, indoor objects or theatrical stages. To put it simply, the surface becomes your canvas, which you use to display your content with the help of a special projection mapping software. It provides the viewers with an interactive display where you feel yourself immersed in the video and enjoy virtual reality.

This technique is used by visual artists, marketers and advertisers to achieve two purposes: one, to promote and project exclusive details about anything via 2/3 dimensional display; second, to convert an idle or apparently boring surface into a lively, colourful, interactive and dynamic visual experience through the content that appeals to our senses. The content is generally multimedia where the video is blended with audio to uncover a complete package.

Artec – Fast Marketing Technique

Artec (formerly is the pioneer of 3D projection mapping in Pakistan. It transformed the concept of digital solutions in Pakistan by introducing visual technology and experiential marketing practices. It uses exceptional expertise to redesign common things, innovate them, and provide an immersive experience that connects broader audiences with brands. It is generally considered one of the fastest and most efficient marketing strategies where clients and prospects are led to feel and live the future of any project.

Artec provides numerous services which include projection mapping, holograms, live augmented reality, animation, interactive art installations, web development, and augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), to name a few.

These services have also been intelligently deployed to new sectors like the real estate industry of Pakistan. One such example is a collaboration with to bring transparency, user convenience, data verification and experiential marketing to recover clients’ trust and brand businesses successfully.

In addition to real estate brands like, Imarat Group, and Agency 21 International, Artec has provided innovative digital solutions to the world’s leading corporate giants including Samsung, Emirates, Delphi, Gillette, Nike, Pakistan Tobacco Company, Ogilvy, and various local private and public organizations.

World Championship of Projection Mapping

Each year, the German city of Berlin hosts some of the most talented visual artists from across the world to project their incredible creations (illuminations, camera work, light exhibitions, etc.) on some of the architectural marvels of the city. The festivities are formally organized under the banner of ‘Festival of Lights’, which is a much-awaited cultural event in Germany.

In addition to Festival of Lights and other festivities, the event also holds a projection mapping contest (since 2015) to provide a platform to the world’s talented visual artists to put their artistic magic on display. Some of the awe-inspiring buildings of the city are selected as canvases for the mapping, which include Berlin Cathedral, Brandenburg Gate, Kollhold Tower, and this year, Television Tower.

The contest takes place around a theme that the contestants keep central to their video mapping performances. For 2019, the theme of “Lights of Freedom” was chosen in connection with the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The contestants had to present their understanding of freedom by contextualizing and connecting it with the richness and vitality of culture.

Hundreds of contestants participated in the championship, which went through a rigorous selection process. Of all, only six projection mapping performances were shortlisted and displayed on Television Tower that mesmerized the physical and virtual audiences. The finalists are as follows:

  1. Artec (Pakistan)
  2. Clockwork (Poland)
  3. Sila Sveta (Russia)
  4. Pani Pawlosky (Poland)
  5. Captain Energy (Netherlands)
  6. Hauslaib Lichtwelton (Germany)

Artec’s Performance

Keeping the blend of our rich culture, patriotism and the event’s theme as the central philosophy, Artec chose the theme of ‘Truck Art,’ around which the entire visual presentation was prepared. Since truck art represents care, love, dreams, inspirations, imaginative power, and most importantly, ownership, connecting it with the event’s theme was both unique and practical.

For example, from merely a source of logistic connectivity, truck art now signifies freedom that not only increases options of living but also improves its aesthetic beauty.

As shown in the video, the entire beautiful imagery (life, health, thoughts, care, etc.) is chained; thereby, highlighting life before the fall of the Berlin Wall, where options were limited and beauty slaved. Amid the circumstantial limitations and prolonged slavery, a bird appears and breaks all the chains, and gives out a message that bondage may appear forceful, but it never stays long.

With an amazing illustration of slavery and bondage followed by freedom, the video blends pleasing music, rich lighting and vibrant colors to stir our emotions and feelings. Interestingly, the intonation of the sound is kept rhythmic with the events of the video so that a harmonious feel is generated and the viewers can feel empathize with what freedom is and what it costs. And of course to understand it, one doesn’t have to be necessarily a German. All of us, in the comfort of our dwellings, can understand it and value it.

Final Words

Projection-Mapping is a rapidly emerging marketing technique that combines multiple expertise and creates something extraordinary. It is no less than an honor and pride that this technique, which is in its early stages in most of the developed countries, has acquired incredible attention and space in Pakistan. Artec, being its pioneers, deserve exclusive credit for introducing us to a new digital era where Pakistan stands side by side with the very few progressive nations.

Most importantly, getting shortlisted for the world’s biggest championship of projection mapping, Artec pushes Pakistan to new heights where it no more remains a regional competitor struggling to grabble with short-term goals. It now takes to the world’s stage, performs magnificently, proves its mettle, and proclaims that yes! Pakistan is here.

So let’s all give out our hearts and support to Artec by voting for them and help Pakistan win. For your information, the voting closes in just a few days (20 October 2019), so we better hurry up.

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