Al-Haj Gets Greenfield Status to Assemble Proton Cars in Pakistan

Al-Haj Automotive has been granted the Greenfield investment status by the Ministry for Industries and Production to produce Proton cars in the country under the Automotive Development Policy 2016-21.

Currently, Proton is working towards establishing its assembly plant in Karachi and will be the automaker’s first CKD plant in the region, occupying a 55-acre area and an initial investment of $30 million.

According to available information, it will be ready by late next year with a yearly production capacity of 25,000 units. The plant will create 2,000 direct employment opportunities and 20,000 indirect opportunities through other means such as local vendors.

The first model launch in Pakistan by Al-Haj Proton collaboration will be the 1.3 liter Saga sedan. According to reports, the company will start offering CBU version of Proton Saga by the second quarter of 2020.

According to Syed Faisal Albar, Proton Chairman, Pakistan will help Proton create pathways to other markets and added that the company is aiming to introduce other models in the market as well.

The creation of Proton CKD plants in the country is another impressive achievement in the fast-growing Al-Haj Automotive group’s accomplishment list.

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  • This car is around £6500 with current currency rates. therefore, pak rate will be 12.5/13 lacs starting price

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