Pakistan is the Best Country to Make a Living for Social Entrepreneurs: Forbes

Social entrepreneurship is constantly on the rise in Pakistan owing to increasing startup culture in the country in recent years.

In a recently conducted survey by Thomas Reuters Foundation and Deutsche Bank’s CSR Made For Good Global, Pakistan has made huge strides in terms of being a favorable country for social entrepreneurs.

The overall ranking for Pakistan has improved from 2016’s 32nd place to 14th this year. Note that this survey is conducted every three years.

Top 10 Countries for Social Entrepreneurs

Here’s are the latest rankings:

  1. Canada
  2. Australia
  3. France
  4. Belgium
  5. Singapore
  6. Denmark
  7. Netherlands
  8. Finland
  9. Indonesia
  10. Chile

The United States of America has dropped from 1st in 2016 to 32nd this year, lagging in almost every category. Forbes has termed it as the biggest upset this year.

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The Goods and the Bads

Pakistan has tied with the likes of Canada, Australia, and Finland for the first place in terms of best places to make a living for social entrepreneurs. For reference, the three countries are all ranked in the overall top 10 for most favorable countries after independent rankings for 12 metrics.

Some of the factors on which Pakistan scored exceptionally well are women in leadership positions and ease of accessing investment. On the other hand, the country fared poorly on metrics such as quality of living,  access to non-financial assistance and government support.

Pakistan has jumped from 30th to 1st place in Making a Living category.

The nation’s comeback in this category is a remarkable feat given the country was ranked #30 in 2016. The improvement of livable income may be because Pakistan has become a more open market for do-good companies to sell to the general public.

Pakistan’s Ranking on Each Metric

  1. Government Support – 33
  2. Public Understanding – 08
  3. Gaining Momentum – 28
  4. Favorable Conditions – 14
  5. Non-financial Support – 30
  6. Sell to Business – 25
  7. Attracting Skilled Staff – 03
  8. Making a Living – 01
  9. Access to Investment – 09
  10. Getting Grant Funding – 24
  11. Sell to Government – 23
  12. Sell to Public – 10
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The rankings were based on data collected from 664 known experts – at least 12 from each country. The experts were chosen from a variety of fields including social entrepreneurship, academics, investments, and policy-making.

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