Xiaomi Launches Smart Robot Suitcase That Follows You

Cowarobot was the first to manufacture a smart suitcase that follows its owner and now, in collaboration with Xiaomi, they have launched their latest variant on the crowdfunding platform Youpin.

This new suitcase is equipped with an AI video camera that can locate its owner and follow them around without any directions. The AI also helps it avoid obstacles and other commuters along the way. These functionalities come through Cowarobot’s in-house custom chip.

The suitcase features a conventional design, it is covered with a hard plastic shell, has a standard trolley with four wheels at the bottom, and a retractable handle that users hopefully will not be needing. It is only there to hold the AI video camera. The wheels can rotate 360 degrees and the whole machine weighs 4.5kg. Its holding capacity is 31 liters.

The zipper provides water resistance to keep the luggage safe from accidental splashes. It has a detachable battery that takes 5 hours to charge and lasts as long as 20km. It can also charge Smartphones since it has a full-size USB port.

The front of the case has an LED indicator to show its current battery capacity, connection status, and system restarts. Being a smart suitcase, it also has a dedicated phone app to notify low battery and disconnections to prevent users from losing their cases.

The Cowarobot smart suitcase is available for $280.

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