Mobile Phone Services Suspended in Parts of Islamabad

Mobile phone telephony and internet services (3G, 4G and WLL) are suspended in parts of twin cities on the day when JUI-F is scheduled to stage the Dharna in the capital.

Mobile phone companies didn’t confirm the service closure officially, as they are not allowed to, however signals in various parts of Islamabad, particularly around 9th Avenue (I8, I9 and G8) are not available.

Some Mobile phone users complained that they are unable to make calls, while others said that voice telephony is available to them but internet services are down.

Not to mention, unlike what DC Islamabad had claimed, major roads in the city (including Kashmir Highway, Expressway and 9th Avenue) are sealed.

Similarly, mobile phone services around the vicinity are also clamped down to block communication channels of dharna participants.

It is unclear when services will be resumed as the fate of Dharna is yet not known to anyone. If extended for a longer period of time, the service shut down could be hampering for the common users residing or working in the impacted area.

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