Xiaomi Launches a Portable Clothes Dryer for Businessmen

If you’re on the move a lot or don’t have a place to dry your favorite shirt, Xiaomi has you covered.

Xiaomi has launched a compact portable clothes dryer called Clearfly. The dryer is specifically made for business professionals who travel a great deal and for parents with toddlers.

Xiaomi’s new portable dryer consists of an electrical drying component, a hanging unit, and a cloth bag to fit these two. The dryer comes with a carrying bag that can easily hold all three parts.

The portable dryer measures 23 x 20 x 13.5 cm in disassembled form. The dimensions of the dryer in the assembled form is 160 x 50 x 14.5 cm.

Once the dryer is assembled into one piece, all you need to do is hang the water-soaked clothes in the dryer and simply turn on the electrical drying unit. The electrical drying component, which acts as a heater to quicken the evaporation process, works at 600 W.

At the front, there is a zip which must be closed for the dryer to work properly, while on the top, it has a mesh to allow water vapors to escape.

As with other smart products, the Clearfly portable dryer can also be controlled with an app.

During the drying process, the dryer makes the clothes wrinkle-free and ready to wear. The air coming out from the electrical drying unit goes up to 70° C, enough to decontaminate the clothes from bacteria and odor.

To prevent any untoward incident, the dryer stops operating if the temperature exceeds a specified limit. Moreover, the user is notified through the mobile application if anything happens.

The dryer is available for pre-order at Youpin for about $42. Shipping will begin on 9th December 2019.