Government to Launch its Own Messaging App Soon

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In the wake of escalating data leaks around the world, the government of Pakistan has made a decision to create a dedicated app for all official communication. It will be called the “Govt App” and it is likely that the government will stop using all OTT (over the top) services such as WhatsApp after this development.

The decision to launch a dedicated app was made during a cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He said:

An indigenous application [called] Govt-APP may be developed. All communication related to government if required may be undertaken using the said APP instead of other OTT services such as WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook messenger. The data will be stored in Pakistan.

This is a much-needed development for Pakistan as it is essential for the government to have a safe, internalized means of communication. All the data will be stored in Pakistan, which will not only make it easier to control but will also reduce reliance on third-party companies such as WhatsApp.

This will also make troubleshooting a lot easier in case the servers go down or some other problem shows up.

Watch this space for more on the Govt app.

  • Instead of such blunders govt should launch app to pay govt taxes, chalan fee,Utility bills etc.
    Or at least develop a nationwide digital payment platform for payments mentioned above.

    • You are living in stone age. All these things are possible in Pakistan from ateast last 5 years. You can do it all either by issuing internet app of any good bank or through JazzCash.
      Wake up

      • Man of modren age would u like to tell people how to pay chalan (fines) online.?
        I mentioned requirement for a single platform held by govt.Read first before commenting.

        • When you like the independence of the Provinces. Then why not to complain local bodies in province. Federal is not responsible for these smart services. Even still you wish to make federal govt as much powerfull, then desolve 18 amendment.

        • There is an app called “Jazz cash”. It is available on “Play store” if you have android or “App store” on IOS (If you haven’t heard the names of android or IOS, then may be you need to first educate yourself). Download it and then you can pay traffic chalans from there. If you have heard about “Youtube” then you can watch tutorials about using a touch screen too.

          • I’m using Easypaisa and jazz cash, also Upaisa too.
            But I have not found any way to pay traffic chalan.
            If u borrow me your Eye blinders,it may be a little helpfull…

  • Is there any official messaging app in world by any government …???
    Who will trust and use such app ..???

    Governments just support the companies like yandex (Russia), Baidu(China) Never (South Korea) etc…
    And I think they indirectly control everything.

    • Are you stupid or what this app is for government personal only. It’s not been made for every citizen.

      • I’m not sure why you people don’t answer someone politely. Is it important for you to use only “Stupid” or other such kind of harsh words to convey your message.

    • So according to you, government shouldn’t use any security since key loggers could be used. The best way to communicate is to announce it on TV.

  • To promote this app govt going to block everything WhatsApp etc. Stay tuned dear yoooothiaas

    • Lol. It’s for the govt officials. Do you really think the U.S president or DoD uses fb messenger or Whatsapp for communication? They didn’t even allowed Obama to use a camera phone. The real question is without a secure phone like BB, is it achievable to stop hackers from intercepting Data? I don’t think so.

    • Hey Patwari read the article again. I know the education level of Patwaris, so I will make it simple for you. Its only for government officials Patwari bhaiya

  • irony is government of Pakistan is now going to steel people data and given the past recorder of our agencies and government i can bet it will be sold to foreign soils.

  • I think it is a good idea, but Pak government has to be very careful about communication on any app. Specially if government wants to keep secret any plan, it should not use on-line app. Now a day it is very easy to hack any app, Specially China and Russia are spending lot of money to hack other country’s government.

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