Australian Company Develops a Cure for All Types of Cancer

Scientists, in an effort to put an end to cancer, are claiming to have created a cowpox style virus. As per the reports, the newly created virus is able to kill every type of cancer in a Petrie dish. The virus has also reportedly shrunken tumors in mice.

The treatment is called CF33 which is developed under the supervision of US-based cancer expert Professor Yuman Fong. The treatment is developed at Imugene, an Australian biotech company.

By the end of next year, scientists are hopeful to test the virus on patients of breast cancer, lung cancer, gastric cancer, bowel cancer, and bladder cancer.

Professor Fong says positive results on mice do not guarantee that the CF33 treatment will have the same results on human beings as well. However, historical evidence shows that different types of viruses have cured various cancers. For instance, brain cancer was cured by a virus that causes the common cold. Imlygic or T-Vec, a type of cold sore virus, cured melanoma, a type of skin cancer.

According to professor Fong, it is too early to determine the timeframe within which the CF33 treatment will be widely available.

The newly created virus will be introduced into the tumors of cancer patients through injection. The virus will infect the cancer cells making them explode. The immune system will then become aware of any other cancer cells in the body. Any existing cancer cells will be destroyed by the immune system.

Via: Daily Mail

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