Bike Thief Shows How a Bike Can be Stolen in Under 20 Seconds [Video]

During the past few weeks, a video went viral where a thief stole a bike in just 17 seconds.

According to the reports, the handle lock can be broken in just 4 seconds while the ignition can be bypassed in 3 seconds to switch on the bike with the help of a special tool. Within 10 seconds the perpetrator sat on it, started it and drove it away.

When Shah Latif Town police caught a man from under a bridge in Quaidabad, Karachi over alleged involvement in multiple bike thefts, the officials couldn’t believe their luck as the man turned out to be the tool’s creator.

According to the accused, the device resembles an edged knife from the front and a handle from the back. When asked to demonstrate it, the police were left stunned as within 20 seconds or so, he was able to steal a bike.

Around 22,000 motorbikes were stolen in Karachi this year alone with an estimated value of Rs. 455 million.

It is the job of law enforcement authorities to protect the citizens’ property but after witnessing how easy it has become to steal a bike, it is now the duty of bike manufacturers to come up with a solution that can protect their customers’ bikes against attempted theft.

  • Lol he did it in alomst 14-15 seconds. The time took him to start the bike was due to the fact that it was in gear.

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