K-Electric Holds God Responsible for Deaths Due to Electrocution

K-Electric has submitted its reply with Sindh High Court (SHC) in a case related to over four dozen deaths in Karachi due to electrocution during monsoon rains.

Jamaat-e-Islami’s Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman had lodged a case against K-Electric, holding the power distributor responsible for the innocent deaths.

In the petition, he had alleged that the KE authorities had failed to maintain the electricity poles and installation during the rains. He also sought court orders for compensation for the legal heirs of the victims.

An independent inquiry conducted by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) had also held the company responsible.

In the case, the Sindh High Court had earlier ordered the arrest of top K-Electric officials, but police had failed to ‘find’ them in the province. Later, the CEO and other high-ups got pre-arrest bail from the court.

In its reply, the power supplier to Karachi refuted the allegation that it was by any means responsible for over 40 deaths during rains this year, calling it a ‘natural disaster.’

It maintained that the electrocution was an “act of God and cannot be attributed to the standard or quality of service being provided by KE.”

The power company emphasized that their poles and cables were in compliance with NEPRA’s standards and that they fell due to heavy rains, which were an ‘Act of God.’

The court, while adjourning the case till next hearing, sought a reply from Hafiz Naeem’s lawyer on KE’s stance.

  • Then we will also pay our bills to God and not KE. KE should just keep providing us with service and shouldn’t send us any bills. We’ll pay all bills to God.

  • I don’t think that they are complaining with the standard. I don’t do see any routine survey and checkup to check the electrical wires and electricity distributing grid system is okay. They only come when some wires burn and some PMT burns. Act of God is very easy to say. Let see what will God do with them.

  • KE should be recommended to the honorable Nobel Institute, Oslo for prospective laureate for consideration of award for observation on the state of happenings to the consumers of Karachi, which is totally reliant on thermal power with no consideration for consequences of the “Climate Change”. The IEA, Paris is also watching honorable KE the sole power producer of the Karachi city, and may continue with thermal power production credits to Climate Change happenings to Karachi continued the worst consumer killings in the world by a power utility member of IEA.

  • paisa phenko tamasha dekho…. insaf kaha hai is mulk me, judges, courts, sab bik jata hai yaha…. police ko KE k officials he nai milay arrest karne ko…wah bhae…. kisi individual k khilaf koi court order ho to police qabr say bhi nikal legi usay… magar…….. ahhhh……… “pakistan zindabad” sindh govt painda bad.

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