Global Sikh Communities Demand Nobel Peace Award for PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister, Imran Khan’s efforts towards restoring peace in the sub-continent are being lauded worldwide and his most recent endeavor to open the Kartarpur Corridor has won the hearts of millions.

The Sikh community around the globe is calling for the world to acknowledge Khan’s commitment towards peace and stability in the region despite worsening bilateral ties between Pakistan and India.

A number of organizations, including Sikhs for Justice, have decided to write a letter to the committee responsible for finalizing the Nobel laureates, urging the body to recognize Imran Khan’s efforts to facilitate the Sikh community amid strained relations with India over the Kashmir issue.

PM Khan formally inaugurated the Kartarpur Corridor on 9th November ahead of the 550th birth anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak. The site holds great significance for the Sikh community as it is their second holiest site in the world.

In his speech, the premier said that the Gurdwara Darbar Sahib for Sikhs is like what Madina is for Muslims, asking the Muslims how we would feel if we could see it from a distance of 3 kilometers without being able to visit it.

A similar campaign was seen in February after Imran Khan averted a full-scale war with India by returning the captured IAF pilot, Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, as a gesture for peace.

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  • Imran Khan should be given noble peace prize for opening the Kartarpur for the Sikh community.

  • Benazir and Nawaz tried to open the corridor and failed. Now the stooge of the Establishment is allowed to open the corridor and getting all the credit. It is true that the Establishment Creates Fake Leadership so that people can worship the personalities and natural leadership will never be developed.
    Especially all Projects in Punjab are always stamped with the names of invaders like Khans or whatever non-local so that locals will always remain indebted to foreigners and can always think of themselves as slaves and with inferiority complex.

  • Thanks Sajawal Rehman Pro PK as the Sikh community globalling peace, stability in India-Pakistan sub-continent towards peace, stability in the region despite worsening bilateral ties.
    The Nobel Institute, Oslo for consideration of the board for Nobel Peace Global Award for a very positive initiative as we see the wall of Germany when the wall of Berlin was removed.
    Yes, from our heart in Pakistan his efforts are over whelming for eligibility to obtain Nobel Peace Prize.

  • Without any doubt or hesitancy IK should be awarded the Noble Price for peace making. What a wonderful leader he is!!! Many world communities of different countries wish a leader like him in their home country. ?

  • Yes,there is peace in the work he done and doing.The Nobel Peace Prize is for those who work for peace.So I think he deserve Nobel Peace Prize.

  • Prime Minister Imran Khan formally inaugurated the Kartarpur Corridor at a colourful ceremony on Saturday, paving the way for Indian Sikh pilgrims to visit one of their religion’s holiest sites in Pakistan without needing a visa.
    I strongly apreciate the prime minister voice of Kashmir. The way they Kashmiris are being kept like animals. Their rights have been snatched away which the UNSC gave them.

    “If Modi is listening, he should know that justice brings peace and injustice spreads confusion.

    “Let’s rid ourselves of this problem,” he told Modi, referring to the Kashmir dispute. “So we can live like humans.
    I have hope that this is the beginning. One day our relations with India will be such that would have been had the issue of Kashmir been resolved in the beginning at Partition.

  • Yes.

    The Nobel Institute,

    Request may please be considered, recommendation to this solicitation.
    Haroon Rashid

  • Yes.

    The Nobel Institute,

    Request may please be considered, recommendation to this solicitation.
    Haroon Rashid

  • Sure. He deserve it. See returning of caputured indian pilot. Then watch his UN speech for all religions and for the whole world pleading effectively for world peace and harmony. At the same time lauding kashmiris and averting indian aggressive designs again effectively. And now opening corridor for sikh community despite strained relations with india. Trying to patch up Saudi Irani conflict and addressing yemen war problems. This all in just mere 13 months. So he is a true statesman and leader stuff who cares the whole world alike.

  • Agree 100%. We should also include Imaran Khan’s cricketer friend Navjot Singh Sidhu for award of joint Nobel peace prize.

  • Surely he should be given the Noble prize for returning the pilot and opening corridor.

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