Pakistani Air Traffic Controller Saves India-Oman Flight from Disaster

An air traffic controller from Pakistan has saved an international flight from a major disaster by guiding it out of an emergency. The flight took off from India and was headed over to Oman

As per details, the flight that flew from Jaipur to Muscat late on Thursday got stuck in the middle of a weather pattern near Chor (Umarkot district of Sindh).


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The plane, carrying 150 passengers and crew, was flying at an altitude of 36,000 feet and dropped down to 34,000, almost immediately following a lightning strike.

Following the standard emergency protocol, the pilot broadcast ‘Mayday’ to nearby stations.

An air traffic controller in Pakistan responded to the call and carefully guided the plane out of the emergency despite the dense air traffic in the vicinity. Aviation experts say that even a minor mistake in such a situation could have proved catastrophic.


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Note that the Southern part of Sindh is receiving heavy rains where lightning strikes have killed more than two dozen people in 24 hours.

  • He should be awarded highest civilian award for such a wonderful act. He has saved countless lives from disaster. Please do also share his name if possible.

    • Then every Air Traffic Controller’s name should be shared because they save lives? Doctors should also receive this highest civilian award?

  • Indians and anything related to them deserve no sympathy. I hope everyone has read that snake / milk story in childhood.

  • Are you serious? A national highest civil award? If the weather was as bad as it is said it was then there probably was not much traffic either. In that corridor there is never too much traffic anyway.

  • And i thought Pak air space was banned for any indian plane to be through. So either of the two news is made up, or old

    • It doesn’t mean the plane is actually flying over Pakistan but radars monitor Indian air space too. So ATC can help and guide any plane

      • “……Jaipur to Muscat late on Thursday got stuck in the middle of a weather pattern near Chor (Umarkot district of Sindh).”
        Thats Pakistan

  • Greetings from Pakistan !
    This situation is slightly out of routine but well within the air traffic. The traffic controller does deserves credential. As he knows the entire area traffic, but the pilots do not. The final decission lies with the captain, as he should be competent enough to handle such an emergency situation. These modern aircrafts are well lightening safe too, surely the pilots might have got panicked. My personal experience of A 310-300 of national airline over Mianwali, many years back, the pilots remained calm and cool and guided the aircraft towards destination, Islamabad.

  • To see a news about Indian air line while flying the air plane hit clouds lighting in Chor Sindh area saved by our air traffic control tower by guiding on this event we all give them heartily congratulation upon safe humanity we all appericite

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