Supreme Court Introduces its Mobile App and Helpline

For providing swift and sure justice to common people, the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) has introduced a mobile application and a helpline.

Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Asif Saeed Khosa inaugurated the new services, which include a mobile application, a call center, and a judicial estacode.

SCP’s website has also been upgraded to make it more interactive and user-friendly for litigants and lawyers, while all five high courts have been equipped with a video link facility.

“A silent revolution has come in our judiciary,” Justice Khosa said, describing the judiciary’s performance during his tenure.

Justice Khosa vowed to rebuild the country’s justice system on modern lines through technology.

Today, our courts are using every ll the technology used in developed countries.

He dismissed the notion that there is an imbalance in the judicial system, saying that the judiciary is burning the midnight oil to clear the backlog of the past 255 years without asking for assistance from the government.

The CJP said that thanks to the model courts, no murder trial is pending in 17 districts of the country.

The app and the helpline service will keep plaintiffs informed and updated on when their cases are set for hearing, and the hearing dates. Moreover, the judgments will also be released on the mobile application.

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