PayPal Confirms It’s Not Coming to Pakistan, But There’s Still Hope

In a huge blow, PayPal has informed the government officials that Pakistan is not in its roadmap for the next three years citing inadequate business opportunities.


The online payments giant, however, reviews its roadmap every year, keeping the government still hopeful that it will be able to convince PayPal to start operations in Pakistan in the upcoming years.


Government Likely to Invite PayPal Once Again

Ministry of Information Technology’s delegation visited the PayPal headquarters last month in a bid to convince the higher-ups of the payment gateway as it would be highly beneficial for the local freelancers.

A senior official of the National Institute of Technology Board, Sabahat Ali Shah, admitted that PayPal is not coming to Pakistan for now, however, expressed hope that PayPal will review its policy to start operations in Pakistan.

Earlier, there were reports that the government was highly optimistic of bringing PayPal to the country, especially after the then Finance Minister Asad Umar announced about their efforts for the said purpose.


Pakistan is the Best Performing Freelance Market in Asia for Revenue Growth: Report

It comes as highly disappointing news for the freelancers who often find it difficult to receive their payments from clients, especially from the US, which is the biggest freelance job provider market for Pakistani freelancers. For now, they have to stick to alternate payment gateways which are not as reliable and globally accepted.

Via UrduNews


  • Pakistan should take this matter directly with American PM Donald trump PM Imran Khan should discuss it with him in next visit and ask him to intervene.

  • Actually its a good thing. I have read horror stories of people fund gets frozen on paypal. As Paypal is also a mafia. And sometimes if some1 dispute or claim, its also wrong sometimes and can go against innocent.

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