Pakistan Ranked 73rd in Digital Skills Among Active Population

In today’s world, digital skills are necessary for career growth, however, Pakistan still lags behind when compared to other countries in the region and the rest of the world.

In a recently released survey, Pakistan is listed at the 73rd spot for digital skills among the active population out of 141 countries. Pakistan got 52.4 and 4.1 on score and value respectively

European countries like Finland, Iceland, Sweden Switzerland, Netherlands, and Denmark are all among the top 10 countries on the list.

Rank Country Value (1-7) Score (0-100)
1 Finland 5.8 80.0
2 Iceland 5.7 77.9
3 Sweden 5.7 77.8
4 Netherlands 5.6 77.1
5 Singapore 5.6 76.4
6 Israel 5.5 75.0
7 Switzerland 5.5 74.4
8 Estonia 5.4 73.8
9 Denmark 5.4 73.6
10 Malaysia 5.4 72.8

The rankings were based on a survey question ‘In your country, to what extent does the active population possess sufficient digital skills (e.g. computer skills, basic coding, digital reading)?’

India also fares poorly in the ranking, however, it is placed above Pakistan at 59th position. An astonishing result, however, is that Turkey, Brazil and South Africa are all placed at the bottom of the list even below Pakistan.

In addition, Saudi Arabia ranks well above countries like Norway, Canada, Germany, and Australia.

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