PTI MNA Gets Trolled for Claiming Petrol Costs Rs. 75 Per Litre

Prime Minister’s Advisor on Finance, Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh’s claimed that tomatoes are being sold for Rs. 17/kilogram when they were being sold at over Rs. 250 per kg. The news has been making rounds on social media for quite some time now.

Another PTI leader has now come up with a similar statement to compete with the country’s acting finance minister.


Social Media Reacts to Dr. Hafeez Sheikh’s Tomato Price Blunder

PTI MNA from Punjab, Uzma Kardar, has now claimed that petrol is available at Rs. 75 per litre in the market. She made the claim on camera, outside the parliament.

Twitterati Not Surprised

The trend has become so common now that the people don’t even get surprised by the repeated goofs.


Twitter Reacts to Pakistan’s Win Over India in Asian Volleyball Championship

One of the Twitter users has lost hope.

Another one questioned her competency.

Is it government vs. government?

Truth has been spoken.

True that.

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  • Just like their Air-headed leader “Imm the Dim”, PTI’s followers(for the most part) are also Boneheaded.

  • Assalaam-O-Alaikum.
    These PTI or any other party MNAs or MPAs are cut off from the daily happenings in the country, they never come out of their houses or big bullet proof cars to inquire in the market what is happening plus they are less pushed by the hike in prices of daily use items because they are firstly rich class and secondly they get enough allowances from the exchequer which does not make any difference to them .

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