Twitter Reacts to Pakistan’s Win Over India in Asian Volleyball Championship

Pakistan’s Volleyball team doesn’t get the spotlight often, however, their recent win against India did just that.

Netizens have swept the internet with congratulatory messages for Pakistan’s Volleyball team for their win over India in the Asian Volleyball Championship match.

The match was played for the seventh position in the tournament at Tehran’s Azadi stadium, in Iran.

The national team did fairly well in the tournament but they lost close matches against Australia and Japan.

It could have been just another game between Pakistan and India, but given the current circumstances when the two militaries are in a standoff over Kashmir, it was a matter of pride for each country.

Pakistan started the game well and won first two sets with 25-23 and 25-21. The Indian team came back strongly in the next two rounds with a score of 25-19 and 25-20.

That was when Tehran’s Azadi stadium heard the roaring chants of “India, India, India.”

Pakistan bounced back when it really mattered and won the final set a by a huge margin of 15-6 to secure the seventh position in the tournament.

The stadium was filled with chants of”Dil Dil Pakistan, Jaan Jaan Paksitan.”

The comeback was talked about on Twitter as the team was hailed for their victory against India.

Here is how the people are reacting to Pakistan’s win over India:

  • Given the fact we were VERY close to beating Australia and qualifying for the Semi-Final should nudge the Sports ministry to invest a little bit so they can win their upcoming Olympic qualifiers in January. In fact, the Govt. and media should start to focus on Olympics more from today so that an awareness is created among the people and the concerned to actually take it with SERIOUSNESS

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