Pak Suzuki Preparing to Build Another Plant in Karachi

Pak Suzuki has shared the environment impact assessment report with the Sindh government which shows that the company plans to build another 75.062 acre-plant at Pakistan Steel Industrial Estate, Karachi where it already has one fully functional plant.

Suzuki Motor Corporation Japan will be investing $450 million for the new plant which will boast an annual production capacity of 120,000 units, which will increase to 200,000 later on. The decision has been taken after anticipating an improvement in the economic situation of the country, said Pak Suzuki Motor’s Environmental Consultant, Saquib Ejaz Hussain.


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Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (SEPRA) is currently reviewing the report and the first phase of a public hearing has already been completed. The approval of the report, which was submitted three months ago, will depend on the outcome of the expert committee review, Hussain disclosed while talking to a local news website.

After regulatory approvals, the company will start working on the new plant which will have its internal road network and storage facilities.

Besides these hurdles, the company is closely monitoring the economic situation and government’s policies, particularly the ones concerning new plants.

“The company planned the plant expansion one and a half years ago when the country’s economy was in better shape. The company submitted its report to SEPA more than three months ago”, he further said.


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Pak Suzuki Motor Company Head of Public Relations, Shafiq Ahmed Sheikh said that “the government has so far not attached any importance or provided the approval to the Pak Suzuki’s initiative, therefore, the company may freeze its investment in the new plant”.

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  • This is the same investment which Pak Suzuki was using to blackmail the government after ADP 2016. Yet, they have invested anyway because they know they can fleece the customers here unchecked by selling age old obsolete junk.

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