57% of Pakistan’s Car Market Share in 2019 Belongs to Suzuki

Traditionally, Pakistan’s auto sector has been dominated by Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki for decades despite attempts by companies and governments to change it.

Currently, the big three have the highest share of the market with Suzuki selling over 60% of the total cars this year followed by Toyota and Honda, according to the latest data from the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA).

Here’s a breakdown of the units sold by each locally-assembled model in Pakistan.

Below 1000cc
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep
Mehran 2,709 2,925 3,942 2,738 1,789 1,052 394 389 466
Bolan 1,609 1,645 2,144 1,487 1,270 1,342 322 371 403
Alto 1,685 4,584 3,435 4,924
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep
Cultus 2,185 1,843 2,253 2,191 2,546 988 1,208 1,289 1,101
WagonR 3,100 2,419 2,982 2,641 2,765 2,626 843 645 680
Above 1000cc
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep
Civic & City
4,026 2,950 3,449 2,310 2,564 2,106 1,452 1,106 1,368
Toyota Corolla 5,353 4,945 4,741 5,256 4,069 4,406 1,981 1,727 1,795
Suzuki Swift 371 344 386 453 425 562 174 156 186

Overall Numbers

Suzuki has the highest share in the market, accounting for 60.6% of all cars sold this year. Toyota has the second-highest share with 23% followed by Honda with 16.40%.

Here’s break down of each model sold by the car makers and their overall market share:

Total Market Share
Company Units Sold Percentage
Suzuki 83,638 57%
Toyota 39,475 28%
Honda 24,411 15%

The breakdown of the market share of each car is as below:

  • Toyota Corolla — 23%
  • Honda (City and Civic) — 16.40%
  • WagonR — 14.35%
  • Mehran — 12.60%
  • Cultus — 12%
  • Alto — 11.20%
  • Bolan — 8.10%
  • Swift — 2.35%

1300CC and Above

Interestingly, while Suzuki is in the lead, it has the least number of cars sold in the 1300CC and above category with its Swift model only selling 3,065 units till September.

The highest number of cars sold in this category belongs to Toyota, which sold 29,967 units of its various Corolla variants and Honda in second place selling 21,331 of Honda Civic and Honda City combined.


The only models that were sold in this category belong to Suzuki with WagonR selling 18,701 units followed by the Cultus with 15,604 units sold.

Less than 1000CC

Suzuki has the lead in this category with all three models under 1000cc being produced by them. Despite the fact that Suzuki stopped producing Mehran in the second half of the year, it still had the highest number of units sold followed by the new 660CC Alto and Bolan in third place.

The data shows that these three companies reign supreme in the auto sector. It is pertinent to point out that the major reason for Suzuki having the largest piece of the pie is that they have cars in several categories while Toyota and Honda have restricted themselves to just one. With the prevalent economic conditions, it will be hard to dethrone Suzuki.

Furthermore, data from these three companies was used because the sample size from the rest of the local manufacturers is too small to be considered. Which says a lot about the auto market in Pakistan.

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