Dean Jones Supports Pakistani Bowler Against Online Troll

Most of the Pakistanis can’t speak English fluently and rightly so, because it isn’t our first language.

While we Pakistanis often criticize our athletes for speaking broken English, former Australian cricketer and Islamabad United coach, Dean Jones has won our hearts after defending a fast bowler for trying to speak the language during an interview.

“Just heard an interview with a Pakistani fast bowler at the Adelaide Oval on Fox sports and I can say with a fair bit of certainty that I didn’t understand one word”, an Australian news journalist tweeted earlier today.

Jones had a perfect response to the tweet, telling him that Australian players don’t speak Urdu when in UAE.

English is their second language and our guys don’t speak Urdu when they are in UAE for matches when being interviewed.

He also said that that at least he tried to speak English during the interview.

The reply won over a lot of Twitter users from not just Pakistan but across the globe as well, who are giving examples of other sports especially football where athletes are interviewed in their local languages.

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