Swedish King and Queen Demand End of Curfew in Kashmir

With just a day left in their visit to India, the Swedish Royal couple has sent a strong message to Modi’s government regarding the Kashmir issue.

King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden have demanded an end to the curfew and communication blackout of the Jammu and Kashmir.

On 5th August, the Indian government revoked Article 370 of its constitution which granted autonomy to the occupied state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Moreover, the Royal couple has advised involving the people of Kashmir for a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue.

King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia termed the dreadful situation of human rights in Jammu and Kashmir as “worrying.”

The Royal couple said:

We emphasize the importance of respect for human rights, that an escalation of the situation in Kashmir is avoided and that a long-term political solution to the situation must involve Kashmir’s inhabitants.

Furthermore, King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia urged both India and Pakistan to resolve all issues through mutual dialogue saying that the world cannot afford a conflict between two nuclear powers.

The King and Queen said:

The Kashmir issue is a long-standing one. We see it as emanating from a bilateral dispute and thus has to be resolved through dialogue between India and Pakistan.

Sweden’s ambassador to India, Klas Molin, said that the entire European Union is aligned with Sweden’s views on the Kashmir issue. The Royal couple will raise the Kashmir issue during bilateral talks with the Indian government, said the ambassador.

The Swedish Royal couple will be visiting India from 1st December to 6th December. During the visit, the Royal couple will hold official meetings at Delhi and Mumbai. They will also travel to Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand.

The entire world has condemned the act of 5th August of the BJP-led government. Resolutions have been presented at the United Nations and US Congress demanding an end to the siege of Kashmir valley. Recently, the European Parliament held a special hearing on the human rights abuses in Jammu and Kashmir.

Via: The Hindu