PIA Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Three Passengers Suffer Heart Attack

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight en route from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan had to make an emergency landing after three passengers on board suffered a heart attack.

Flight PK 742, that flew from Jeddah for Islamabad, was midway when the elderly passengers namely Mahala Begum, Sabra Bibi, and Mohammad Rafique began to complain of chest pain. The doctors on board recommended the pilot to make an emergency landing at the nearest airport.



PIA Aircraft Makes Emergency Landing At Karachi Airport


The pilot then contacted the control tower at Karachi and was subsequently allowed to land at the Jinnah International Airport.


By the time the plane touched the ground, one of the passengers had succumbed to heart failure. The passenger identified as Mahala Begum was a resident of Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The other two passengers were shifted to a hospital by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).


PIA Escapes Disaster After Engine Fails During Flight

Earlier on November 7, a Pakistani-origin British national, Khalid Pervez, traveling from London to Sialkot died of a heart attack during the flight.

Upon arrival, the airport officials handed over the body to his family after necessary formalities.

The deceased was a resident of Jhelum.

  • Re: heart attack on board PIA aircraft.
    Please do a thorough check of cabin pressures during the flight.
    Decreases in pressure are a well-known cause of this tragedy

    • Cabin pressure is maintained automatically. If it drops below a certain level. Emergency systems are activated and masks drop down. It is certainly not because of cabin pressure that heat attacks happen but usually people come back to Pakistan whilst they are extremely I’ll asd they cant afford medical abroad and try to get medical care here and suffer heart attacks enroute

      • I agree …. that is how it is SUPPOSED to work!
        With old aircraft and defective systems, small pressure drops are just not detected but are enough to cause dangerous ischaemia in susceptible persons.

  • Check the compressor this works with engine exhaust gases. If the seals are not working correctly then percentage CO2 and CO get increased in the cabin. No matter how you put it three heart attacks needs thorough inspection and requires scrutiny of all the technical data, before clearance to fly again. Must not dump the news under defence mystery of keeping thing away from public.

  • There are so many views on this issue but my question is why this incidents are inreasing in PIA.

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