PIA Escapes Disaster After Engine Fails During Flight

An Islamabad-bound Pakistan International Airline (PIA) flight has narrowly escaped a disaster today.

As per reports, the engine of Lahore-Islamabad flight PK-650 developed a technical fault during the flight when it was entering the vicinity of the federal capital.

However, the pilot skillfully regained control of the plane and safely landed it at the New Islamabad International Airport.


Airblue Plane Avoids Crash Landing After Another Bird Strike in Lahore

Sources in PIA revealed that one of the two engines developed a fault after it was hit by ‘something’ during the flight, presumably a bird.

The pilot, controlling his nerves, switched off the failing engine and landed the plane with the other working engine.

An official said that all 38 people on board (including the crew) remained unhurt.


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Earlier on September 16, the engine of a Jeddah-bound PIA flight caught fire soon after it flew from Lahore’s Allah Iqbal International Airport. Wasting no time, the pilot made an emergency landing saving all 200 passengers on the plane.

  • Its very common in aviation industry… No body ever discus about Emirates and top notch airlines…. What a sick minded approach.. Always showing negative aspects of national institutions.. No body ever mentioned PIA have the fastest record of flight from Pakistan to Europe.. Till to date… As so on and so on… But we are habitual to talk negative and discus negative… Failure in their lives….

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