PIA Aircraft Makes Emergency Landing At Karachi Airport

An international Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight made an emergency landing at Karachi airport earlier today.

The Toronto-bound flight PK-789 had flown from Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport on Tuesday morning.

PIA sources suggest that the Boing-777 plane, carrying more than 300 passengers, developed a ‘technical fault’ while it was in the vicinity of Karachi airspace.


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The pilot contacted the nearby air traffic control and was allowed to land at the Jinnah International Airport.

However, the detail of fault and the exact number of the passengers onboard is yet to be revealed.

In a similar incident, a Jeddah-bound PIA flight PK-759, with over 130 passengers on board, had to make an emergency landing after the pilot detected a fault in one of its engines.


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The captain had to land the plane after fire alarms were set off in the cockpit and smoke coming out of an engine was visible.

The pilot wasted no time and landed the flight at Lahore airport after receiving permission from authorities. The plane was grounded for repair work, and the passengers were departed to Jeddah via an alternative flight.

  • PIA is famous for defective aircrafts, ” technical malfunctioning during flights” and emergency landings. It should permanently be boycotted.

  • I don’t know the reason why most of your news abt PIA is unverified and hatred. Rrason to create panic in public about PIA, which I can challenge.
    For your kind information there was no emergency landing in Karachi for this Toronto bound flight as I was flying that plane. Only reason, one of our traffic collision and avoidance radar was intermittent in dislay and in some countries it is mandatory for over flying.
    We called our control room in karachi tru satellite fone and they advised to come back Karachi for replacement of the same.
    We did so and alhamdolillah we landed in Toronto later on.
    So my brother, be positive and think positive.PIA and their staff is also Pakistani, andi agree there are some short falls but again, all employees are neither bad nor corrupt.
    Most ofvall, what Islam says,.. Spreading news without verification is a Sin…..

    • I took this flight various times to Toronto. All the LCD’s are not working and every time you guys announce that those are going to be fixed soon but I don’t think so it ll ever happen. It’s a long flight of about 13hrs and PIA entertainment system is not working all the time.

      • There is a big difference between SAFETY and ENTERTAINMENT. Don’t mix them up. Reason is again it’s due to policy maker and administrator. PIA is also running by them who running this country. No one out of this world running the show.
        But I assure u that employee working v hard especially Cain crew and Cockpit crew within limited resources.

  • This seem to be false malafide news to damage public trust in PIA.No source of the news is quoted.. This is unverified news to spoile pIA image.

  • PIA is getting better. We need to avoid negative and false news spread. However, we are in need of new aircrafts in PIA fleet. This will only happen if we support the current government, pay taxes & remove deficit from PK economy. In addition, PIA must be privatized with more investors & partners to make the national carrier more stable & appealing to travelers. In my recent trips I have seen positive change in inflight crew as well.

  • Last month me and wife travelled from Karachi to Toronto in Business class. Half the seats were not functioning and would not recline. The inflight entertainment system was not working in the entire business class and the cabin attendants had a limited supply of blankets and extra pillows for a 15 hours flight. The food was the same old out of foil dishes served to passengers.

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