DG ISPR’s Lookalike Discovered in Cricket Highlights from 2005

With all the memes going around, scrolling through social media can be quite entertaining.

A Facebook channel going by the name of Mehdi Memes – you might have heard of it – has discovered that the Director-General of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) is, and always has been, a true fan of cricket.


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In a post, the page shared a screenshot of an old cricket match between Pakistan and England. So, we decided to watch the highlights of 5th Pakistan vs England ODI at Rawalpindi in 2005, and couldn’t find better laughter material.

Here’s the screenshot:

The resemblance is uncanny and you can’t help but notice a cricket fan waving a boundary placard as Salman Butt hits a classical four off his pads. He looks exactly like Asif Ghafoor and it has already turned into a hot meme on social media.

You might as well watch the highlights yourself:


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The mustache resembles that of the DG ISPR, however, the glasses… not so much.

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  • Pahlay confirm kr k post kro.i did not expect this from such a big website. DJIPSPR clarified this on twiter

  • Please Grow Up poster.
    He was on Covert Mission, Stop putting our patriot men in danger by blowing their cover of past.

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