Naya Pakistan Housing Accelerator Opens Applications for Construction Startups and Companies

Are you a startup or a company that can change the way how the construction industry works in Pakistan but are having trouble scaling your business or can’t find the right connections to market it to the right people? Do you have a different vision of housing in Pakistan?

Then you should apply for the Naya Pakistan Housing Accelerator (NYPHA). It is a 15-week program to provide startups and innovative companies that are nearing critical mass in the construction sector with access to resources, mentors, and experts as well as investors.

Selected companies will get a chance to work directly with the leading construction companies in Pakistan and win contracts, providing an unprecedented opportunity

In the first phase of the project, NYPHA is looking for startups and companies which can tackle three major issues in the construction industry: Materials, Data, and People.

The NYPHA is being launched by Trioca Ventures in collaboration with HBL, International Industries Limited, NED, UMT, UET, NUST, and several other leading universities.

naya pakistan housing accelerator problem areas
Can you solve one of these major problems facing the construction industry in Pakistan?
The Data Challenge

Improving the capture of data and how it flows between architects, engineers and site teams is what the NYPHA Data Challenge is all about. There are three major preference areas for the challenge: Real-time monitoring; Performance and resource management; and Supply chain analysis.

The Smart Materials Challenge

How can the construction industry become more productive and adopt new materials which are better for the environment? These are the challenges for the Smart Materials challenge. The challenge will focus on the following problem areas in particular: sustainability, waste reduction, improving safety, and most importantly, how to save time and money.

What Will Companies and Startups Get from NYPHA?

Here’s a short rundown of what startups and companies can expect if they’re selected for NYPHA.

  1. Access to tools and resources for growing your business
  2. Subidized loans and access to specially designed funding
  3. Offers from service providers across the world
  4. Coaching and mentoring from experts
  5. Promotional, marketing and PR opportunities

Naya Pakistan Housing Accelerator Schedule

If you’re an established startup, with a validated product or service that’s market-ready, with paying customers and think your product or service can address one of our challenges, then you can apply to Naya Pakistan Housing Accelerator today.

Here’s the schedule.

Applications: 15 January 2020

Preparation Day: 01 February 2020

Pitch Day: 30 February 2020

Accelerator program and market trial: 15 March 2020

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