Here’s Why Dajjal is Trending on Twitter

Muslims believe in the arrival of a false messiah, also known as Dajjal, the Anti-Christ or the deceiver, before the Day of Judgement to mislead the believers.

Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) told his followers that the false messiah’s complexion will be reddy-white with thick and long hair. The Prophet’s description of Dajjal tells us that he will be a man with one floating eye while the left eye would also be defective and green in color.

The very powerful, capable of performing miracles like bringing back the dead, healing the ill and whatnot, and short in height evil figure will have a prominent forehead and will walk differently from normal men. Word ‘kaafir’ will be imprinted on his forehead, however, it will only be visible to firm believers.

Coming to the point, Dajjal is trending worldwide on Twitter and it’s because of Netflix’s upcoming season Messiah, which is releasing on 1st January 2020. The role of Al-Masih will be played by Mehdi Dehbi.

The drama’s description on Netflix reads:

A CIA officer investigates a charismatic figure whose followers believe that he can perform miracles. Is he a divine entity of a dangerous con artist?

The season is about a strange man with supernatural powers, who is leading desperate people and says that he’s doing God’s work.

His uncanny resemblances with Dajjal in the official trailer are the reason why it’s already trending on Twitter. While some characteristics differ from those mentioned above, it seriously makes you think it’s actually about Dajjal or second coming.

Here’s what people are saying on Twitter:

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Feature Writer

  • I think dajal is working from behind the scene and has now influence in media slowly preparing the people for his coming we all should remain cautious.

    • Yep. Hes here but maybe in some other dimension. Gives power to these occult masons and illuminati from behind the scenes. Hollywood films and specially metal and rap music is full of signs. I stopped watching scifi movies a long time ago. May Allah give us all the power and knowledge to recognize the truth.

  • this year articles, news are published related to Israelis, dajjal ,,,,etc which probably they are just making our mind to accepts in future.

  • 22 to 30 years is all you have to prepare youselves. This is not based on some sufi mystic thing or suggest that I am very close to Allah. It is based purely on calculations. I am going to do a video series on this and I will let you know.

  • Dajjal is a loser and only losers will follow him. He will be like imran zani hijra, but just multiply it with 100 thousand, very charismatic and like a talking monkey and weak minded sheep will be charmed by him. People who don’t have pechaan to recognize a good person or a bad, it will be impossible for them to recognize dajjal. They will think that he is a good guy just like losers think that imran zani hijra is good but in reality imran is also a shaitan disguise as savior.

  • Since the last 1400 years, Dajjal hasn’t showed up. There’s a good chance that he won’t for the next 1400 years so people get back to work and stop with this Bullshit. Stop believing that you’re that special generation who is going to see everything aka. Dajjal and Jesus Crist.

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