MNAs Ask Govt to Ban NTS Admission Tests Over Corruption Charges

The National Assembly (NA) members have called on the federal government to ban the National Testing Service (NTS) from conducting aptitude tests for admissions in public sector universities.

The demand has come after uproar on social media against the corruption stories in the testing service.

During the proceedings, lawmakers protested over complaints that NTS members offer illegal favors to certain people against hefty bribes.


NTS & Other Testing Services Are Hubs of Loot & Plunder: IT Committee

PTI MNA from KP, Sahibzada Sibghatullah, alleged that the testing service has become a money-making machine and was inflicting sufferings on the students.

“There is no one to make them accountable,” he said and added that after receiving heavy fees, students from far-flung areas were even refused entry in the examination halls.

The protesters received an affirmative response from the Federal Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, Ali Muhammad Khan. He pacified the lawmakers assuring that the matter will be raised in the next federal cabinet meeting.

The minister also said that the government will take strict action against NTS if wrongdoings are proven during the investigation.


Students Protest Against Comical NUMS & NTS Errors in Admission Tests

“We will not spare anyone if found playing with the future of our youth.” He also referred the matter to NA’s standing committee on education.

The Convener of the Senate’s subcommittee on IT, Kalsoom Perveen, has previously raised serious questions on the performances of such testing services. During a meeting in September, she said:

These testing services like NTS are hubs of loot and plunder. They take hefty fees from candidates, most of whom belong to poor families, and take recruitment tests of different government departments. But the deserving candidates never qualify. These candidates appear again and again in the tests with the hope of getting government jobs which they never get. They pay heavy fees to the testing services that exploit the candidates as much as they can.

Even though the former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi had ordered an overhaul of the organization to standardize the level of education across the country in 2018, no steps were taken in this regard.

  • NTS has conducted myriads of test for MoD, from 14 to 17 November 2019. All tests were held without prior announcement of syllabus. Now, several discrepancies are erupting after the notorious result. Hundreads of people possess markings in negative values. This is a matter of grave concern for HEC and Education Ministry and NAB as well, that, how a graduate can never take 40 Marks in a paper of 200 MCQs?

  • Very good! Not only NTS, Spsc is also demanding applications against 500 challan from thousands of candidates just for few positions for college lecturer posts.

  • Yes please take this step as soon as possible they give very irrelevant Questions and not provide any book or syllabus mostly

  • NTS not only give irrelevant questions in entry tests , but they never provide the answer sheet to the candidates to check their entries from the answer keys .Nts is simply the hub of corruption , playing very conveniently with the future of our children .

  • I appeal to government of Pakistan, remove out all testing services from state because all services are flattery for money and wag in front of corrupt politicians .Government should introduce a suitable system for the recruitments of employers.

  • GRE subject test of nts is too much tough many students are trying from years but not qualifying this test. Govt should close nts service.

  • Day be day growing number of new testing agency like NTS ,FTS ,GTS,UTS ,OTS ,PTS, are the sole testimony of this business profitability.its just a hoodwink & looting mechanism ,not a testing mechanism,
    These testing agencies ought to be shut immediately, despite govt should bring forward an equal and transparent E -testing service

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