Can a TikToker Earn Millions in Pakistan Instead of Wasting Time?

TikTok is blowing the world with its influence but in Pakistan, it’s barely used for income generation. It ranks as the third most popular non-gaming app downloaded in the world. In Pakistan, it’s the top-ranked social media app as per details. After WhatsApp, it’s the second-most downloaded app in Pakistan, even beating Facebook.

As the unemployment rate is at its peak and the government has failed to provide more jobs to the youth, millennials covering 64% of Pakistan’s population have only a few options to earn money.

This is where apps like TikTok are providing an efficient solution to them to put their maximum time and energy so that they don’t divert their minds towards anti-social activities.

Unfortunately, the entertaining part of Tiktok doesn’t fulfill anyone’s income needs. This is where the youth are showing their utmost talent. Some are really remarkable and worth watching. But in the end, this fame doesn’t make any big difference to the income of any TikToker.

Despite having attractive content, profile and videos, TikTokers still depend on Instagram links of their TikTok profiles for basic earnings and getting famous in the eyes of brands so that they can earn something.

But the era of this painful journey has just ended as the first social e-commerce platform from China has entered the Pakistani market. Such Chinese social e-commerce platforms are changing the lives of content creators in China. We have seen the social e-commerce platform “” which recently entered the Pakistani market and opened new horizons of earning for Pakistani TikTokers and other social media celebrities.

One such experiment was witnessed when two TikTokers earned a 6-digit figure in just a 2 hour live session at the social e-commerce platform ‘’, which is one and only of its kind from China, that provides professional training and complete IT solution platform with opportunities of unlimited earnings. has opened up the Pakistani market for these TikTok celebrities. It has been seen that the same platform has enabled individuals to earn by utilizing the social e-commerce model.

Unemployed youth in Pakistan are also benefiting from this model where they have earned through the Chinese social e-commerce model by Drop-Shipping and community building. Success stories have already been listed and multiple universities in Pakistan are already supporting the model through various offline and online courses in collaboration with the same platform i.e.

This is perhaps the best chance for TikTokers and social media celebrities to start earning millions by utilizing their content skills in the right direction. officials have guided us that their platform will help Tiktokers and digital influencers grow and earn money via social e-commerce. If you are a tiktoker, and have a good fan following on Tiktok or Instagram, you can also join and earn a handsome amount every month.

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  • Really a good news for Pakistani tik toker to earn money. right now they are not earning money and just making video for fun and entertainment. but in china people are making thousand of dollars by til tok and instagram live videos. and its very easy and also to earn money.

  • Wowwww this is amazing. I also have a 1.5million follower on tiktok and and 2lac followers on instagram. This can be a life turning earning platform bcuz after so much effort it’s just a waste of time to make musical videos. I am definetly going to try it asap and write after this comment I am contacting them on whtsapp. I heard that in china tiktok is an ecommrce website. Bt in asian countries it is used for fun.
    Thankyou tosharing. Looking forward to it.

  • پاکستان میں ٹیکنالوجی کا رجحان تیزی سے بڑھ رہا ہے نوجوانوں کے لیے اچھا موقع ہے.

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