TV Umpires to Call No-Balls, ICC Confirms

Following the introduction of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in football and tennis, the use of technology in sports has been highly encouraged by the international governing sports bodies.

Cricket, after the review-system, will now see TV umpires call no-balls instead of the on-field officials.

The recently concluded series between Pakistan and Australia saw the first match surround itself with controversy after Pakistan bowled 21 no-balls and none of them were called out by the on-field officials.

According to the International Cricket Council (ICC), this newly introduced system will be used on a trial basis starting from series between West Indies and India.

Throughout the trial, the third umpire will be responsible for monitoring every ball bowled and identifying whether there has been any front foot infringement. If there has been an infringement on the front foot, the third umpire will communicate this to the on-field umpire who will subsequently call a no-ball.

The ICC further added that this trial basis will then be reviewed by the panel to see its effectiveness and usefulness in the longer run.

The outcomes of the trial will be used to gauge whether the system has a beneficial impact on the accuracy of no ball decisions and whether it can be implemented while minimizing disruption to the flow of the game.

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Sports Analyst & Head of Sports Desk.