DPO Bhakkar Forms a New Police Unit to Resolve Complaints in 3 Hours

District Police Officer (DPO) Bhakkar, Faisal Gulzar, has instituted a Complainant Assistance and Prompt Resolution Action Unit (CAPRA) in the city. The unit aims to resolve complaints of secondary importance within three hours of registration.

Talking to the media following the announcement, DPO Bhakkar said that CAPRA will promptly resolve complaints that are often overlooked and delayed for no reason.

CAPRA has been delegated special powers to solve issues like family disputes, neighborhood conflicts, and petty business disagreements that receive little attention in police stations.

The new unit has already started working. DPO Faisal Gulzar has appointed an assistant sub-inspector (ASI) as CAPRA’s in charge. The unit also has two male and one female constable in addition to a police van with all the necessary equipment.

Any complex issue that needs additional investigation will be handed over to the concerned police station. The police station will register an FIR and investigate it on a priority basis.

Faisal Gulzar said that Bhakkar has a population of 1.6 million with just 11 police stations. A large number of people in the city are involved in social disputes regularly. CAPRA would ensure the dispensation of prompt justice to the citizens.

Via: Express Tribune