Apple’s New Mac Pro Brings Terabytes of RAM & GBs of GRAM, Costs $52,650

Apple’s latest desktop computer, the “cheese grater” Mac Pro, starts at $6000 but can cost up to a whopping $52,650 if you go all out with the available options.

The specifications for the $52,650 Mac Pro are equally ludicrous.


It houses a server-grade Intel Xeon W processor ($7000) with 28 cores, 56 threads, and 2.5GHz clock speed in addition to 1.5 TB (!) of 2933MHz RAM ($25,000). An additional $1,400 will be needed for 4TB of SSD storage and $10,800 to max out the graphical processing power with not one but two AMD Radeon Pro Vega II GPUs.

A magic trackpad, a set of wheels, and an afterburner accelerator card adds for an additional $2450.

Adding all that up with a base price of $6,000 sums up to $52,650, which is just enough money to buy an Audi A6 2018. Do note that this price does not include the display, meaning you’ll have to spend extra for a monitor.

Display Not Included

Apple sells a 32-inch 6K Retina Display for the Mac Pro that costs $5000 and $6000 for the premium version with the matte “nano-texture” glass option. This display also requires a separate $999 monitor stand, which, by the way, is a simple monitor stand with no special or smart features.

Including that in, we are now at a total of $59,650 which is enough to purchase a premium version of the Tesla Model Y.

However, it is worth mentioning that this kind of setup is primarily targeted towards video editing and graphics designing professionals that require enormous computing power for their daily tasks.

Nevertheless, it is still, without a doubt, an absurd asking price that will only attract hardcore Apple loyalists.

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