PTCL Goes Solar to Conserve Energy for a Green Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), in its endeavor to support the Clean & Green Pakistan initiative, has initiated a project to install the latest solar power systems to conserve energy and support environmental preservation at its headquarters, regional offices, and exchanges across Pakistan.

Under this initiative, more than 700 PTCL facilities have been converted to solar power across Pakistan. As part of expanding the solar footprint to larger installations, a 180KW solar system is deployed at PTCL HQs.

Saad Muzaffar Waraich, Chief Technology & Information Officer, PTCL, said,

As a national company, we are very proud of our initiatives on protecting the environment and reducing the carbon footprint in the country. With the deployment of solar power systems at PTCL, we have a safe alternative to produce energy that can replace current fossil fuels like coal and gas for generation of electricity and reduce air, water, and land pollution, while reducing our dependence on the grid.

Under the Clean & Green Pakistan initiative, PTCL has collaborated with WWF-Pakistan for plantation of mangrove seeds in Balochistan and PTCL HQ is also declared a “Green Office”, certified by WWF.

In order to tackle issues of low forest cover and poor cleanliness in urban & rural areas of Pakistan, the company has also collaborated with the Ministry of Climate Change, whereby, plantation of 200,000 trees is underway at PTCL sites in the next five years. To go paperless and save trees, PTCL is providing its customers the option to avail the eBilling facility through PTCL’s website, Touch App and 1218 helpline.

Being a national company, PTCL is playing its role to save the environment and contribute to a greener Pakistan.

  • Impressive: Mr. Saad Muzaffar Waraich CTIO PTCL, WWF Pakistan.
    The best PTCL did sincerely in Pakistan with collaboration of Ministry of Climate Change.
    If PTCL has the will to adhere Climate Change/Digitise/Perform network is change the “Dhobi Ghat” Tar (Black Plastic insulated tin cable)to FTTH or OFC Optical Fiber Cable to win the best points with Climate Change ratings/points with the UN/ITU, the UN-SDG(Sustainable Development Goals) best performance of the network on digitized Pakistan digital networks. Best wishes, Do contribute “Dhobi Ghat Tar” to Dhobi for laundered clothes after washing on your donation of Dhobi Ghat Tar for support to the sector where it fits most. Regards

  • how can one deposit the bill in banks using ebill, its not about saving trees, its about saving cost on customers expense. although we have option of ebanking and others but most are not availing due some reasons. solar is no doubt an achievement.

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