Pakistani Athlete Breaks Indian Guinness World Record

A martial arts athlete from Pakistan has made it to the Guinness Book of World Records after completing 48 one-leg elevated pushups in one minute. Irfan Mehsood from South Waziristan completed the drill while carrying a 60-pound backpack.

With this feat, he also broke the previous world record held by an Indian athlete Ashwani Kumar, who completed 34 reps in one minute last year.

Guinness World Records has confirmed his entry via email. Its official website has also registered Irfan’s name as a new record holder.

Mehsood, who sent his entry in August this year, was jubilant to have received the confirmation. He said that he was delighted to break the Indian athlete’s record, and wished to continue making Pakistan proud at the international stage.

I’m happy to have defeated Indian athlete. I worked day in day out to achieve this record.

Irfan also holds the record for most side jumps in one minute (112), breaking the record of another Indian, Jayanath Reddy (102).

Our country is full of talent and potential. By breaking records, I want to show the world that we are not behind than any other nation in sports.

Irfan also holds the record for most side lunges in one minute with 54. Not just this, he has a total of 25 Guinness records to his name, including:

  • Most full-contact knee strikes – 87 in one minute using one leg
  • Most full contact knee strikes – 83 – in one minute (alternate legs)
  • Most push-ups (one leg raised, carrying 40-lb pack) – 31 in one minute
  • Most push-ups (one leg raised and carrying an 80-lb pack) – 21 in one minute
  • Most knuckle push-ups – 25 – (with one leg raised, carrying 40-lb pack) in one minute
  • Most thumb push-ups – 35 – in one minute
  • Most Bo staff strikes – 261 – in one minute

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  • Waiting for a Pakistani scientist to break Indian record and reach on moon. Or atleast a Pakistani prime minister to complete his 5 years. Deewany ke Khawab :(

    • 1. Indians haven’t been to the moon and have failed miserably as per NASA.
      2. Imran Khan will get his 5 years as voters intended.

      • Excellent Answer NodToFace: Indian did not reach but they were really close and they at least tried. Where are we? I don’t have to comment where are we. You see every year over eid or Ramdhan moon sighting, Secondly i wish IK complete his tenure. And i want to see both achievements. Hopefully withing next 3 4 years.

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