KP Government to Spend Rs. 5 Billion on New Tourist Destinations

To promote tourism in the country, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has approved Rs. 5 billion for construction of roads and new tourism spots across the province.

The approval came a day after Chief Minister KP Mahmood Khan allocated Rs. 700 million for Tourism Police.

The budget will be used to build fourteen roads in Hazara and Malakand Divisions.


KP Approves Rs. 700 Million for Tourism Police

In Hazara Division, roads will be built to connect Gunnol, Poprang, Shugaran, Kora Bin to Mandi Siran, Komal Gali and Suhra Road in Mahnur Valley, Hazara Division. Whereas in Malakand Division, the roads in Anakar, Marghzar, Burj Banda, Kafar Banda, Madyan, Bashigram, Erin, Darul, Godar Lake, and Bahrain will be constructed.

On the directives of the provincial Minister for Tourism Atif Khan, the construction work will start this week.


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Earlier on Wednesday, CM Mahmood Khan also decided to establish the KP Tourism Authority to promote tourism.

While earmarking Rs. 500 million for home cities project set to be built at three scenic tourist spots, he also approved Rs. 500 million for marketing scenic tourist destinations to attract tourists.

  • Not just spots, they need to develop the highways to the spot.
    Most of the hidden gems of Pakistan beauty are still hidden due to lack of “roads”

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