Police Arrests Aqeel Mirza for Assaulting a Man at Gunpoint

Social media is a powerful tool if used in the right way. Aqeel Mirza, the assaulter who was seen torturing a common man after coming out of his luxury car has been put behind the bars after his video went viral on social media.

Lahore Police has arrested Aqeel Mirza who kicked Gulshan Shehzad and pointed his gun at him in anger. According to Aqeel’s statement, he got angry when the driver of the car that hit his Fortuner misbehaved and beat him on the road.

Here’s the video:

According to the reports, the culprit was identified from his car’s registration number. Police raided his house on Sunday afternoon, however, he wasn’t there and was arrested later.

DIG Operations has directed both Aqeel Mirza and Gulshan Shehzad against appearing on media. Chief Minister of Punjab, Usman Buzdar has also taken notice of the matter, seeking a report from the DIG Operations.

Social media users have expressed their satisfaction after the arrest of Aqeel Mirza and it was one of the top trends on Twitter last night. Here’s what the people are saying:


A legit question.

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  • We just know one side of the story. Just because he owns a big car doesn’t mean he’s wrong. It’s a shame how media and social media can bully people without knowing the actual story.

    • In any case this act is not acceptable. he must file a case, if the problem is severe. His action is showing his mentality and family ethics.

    • No way he got the authority to hit anyone. Not even police has the authority to touch any person without any filed case. People like Akeel Mirza should be thought lessons that they aren’t living in same VVIP era, such a time has passed away.

  • my car(audi) got hit by suzuki khyber not long ago, because khyber took wrong turn while over speeding. after hitting the car the driver was rude and didnt care for my loss. Had it not been for my family i would have smashed his face.
    our society has people driving like animals with their bikes and low grade cars, who doesnt care if other people valuable gets damaged because of their recklessness.
    Its all about how media portrays the story.

    • You have all the right to make a complaint against such recklessness, claim damages but none to kick the driver in the face. The poor man was helpless and unarmed. Some crazy would have snatched the gun and deliver the due to the craps like Aqeel Mirza.

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