S11+ to Have the Highest Resolution Camera in the Industry

Galaxy S11+ is shaping up to be one of the most interesting devices to be unveiled in 2020. According to a recent leak, the smartphone’s 108 MP camera will be able to capture high-quality images even in low light conditions.

Imaging sensors with higher pixel count certainly don’t ensure good quality. The higher the number of pixels in an image, the smaller will be its size, and the lower will be the amount of light captured. Hence, a higher level of noise is inevitable.

However, according to a recent leak by a famous Samsung leakster Ice Universe, the Smartphone will come with 9-in-1 pixel merging technology to achieve a 2.4µm pixel size. Thus, the final result will be a 12-megapixel camera with superior light sensitivity and great noise suppression. Considering that Samsung calls its 4-in-1 process “Tetra cell Technology”, this new pixel binning technology will most probably be called “Nanocell Technology”.

Even though Mi Note 10 was unveiled last month and had the honor to be termed as the first mainstream smartphone with a 108 MP camera, Samsung’s 108 MP sensor will come with better and more recent technology. Based on the leak, the Korean Giant’s 108 MP sensor will be the most powerful sensor in the smartphone industry.

According to analysts, the camera module on S11+ will be different from vanilla S11 and S11e. Most probably, the Galaxy S11+ will sport a larger camera module as compared to its siblings.

The lineup is expected to launch on 18th February 2020 in San Francisco.