Smog & Weather Conditions Disrupt PIA Flight Schedule Yet Again

Unfavorable conditions across Punjab have forced Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to reschedule a number of its domestic and international flights yet again.

Due to scattered rain and smoggy weather, the flight schedule has been disturbed at several airports in the province.


On Monday, the national carrier was forced to delay some of its flights or postpone them until the next day due to unfavorable weather.


PIA Reschedules Several Flights Due to Bad Weather

Nothing has changed on Tuesday, as the flight schedule at Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport remained affected due to heavy fog in adjacent areas of the airport.

A Lahore-bound flight from Dammam was diverted to Islamabad due to low visibility.

As per PIA officials, the return flights between Karachi and Lahore, PK-302 and PK-303, flew with a delay of one hour. Flights between Lahore and Jeddah, PK-759 and PK-742, were delayed by three hours.

PIA spokesperson, Mashood Tajwar, said that the low visibility and dense fog in parts of Punjab have caused the airline to delay its flights.


PIA Aircraft Escapes Disaster After Landing At Sialkot Airport

Meanwhile, several domestic flights between Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad were either canceled or rescheduled for Wednesday due to dense fog.

Tajwar asked the passengers to register their numbers in the ticket booking section to get an update regarding the revised flight schedule.

  • I don’t understand these cancelations and diversions… I have seen planes landing and taking off in worse weather in Canada and Europe than why are flights being cancelled here where we have undoubtedly better weather than those countries?

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