This is What the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Will Look Like & Its Amazing

A few weeks ago, we reported that Samsung is planning to launch two folding Smartphones in 2020. One of them will most probably be a clamshell folding Smartphone with a lower price tag while the second foldable phone will most likely be the successor to the 2019-launched Samsung Galaxy Fold.


Samsung to Launch 2 Foldable Smartphones Next Year

Recently, a famous leakster, IceUniverse, leaked a few images of a vertically folding smartphone on Weibo.

Take a look:

Based on the rumors and the concept video shared by Samsung in October this year, this leak seems believable. Even though we are not sure these images depict a Samsung device that is headed to the market as it can be a prototype or a fake.


Samsung Teases a Moto Razr-Like Foldable Smartphone

The images show that the smartphone has a dual-sensor camera. This can be true in two cases.

In the first scenario, Samsung is either manufacturing a folding smartphone that is more reasonable and will release this device with mid-range specifications.

In the second scenario, this smartphone is Galaxy Fold’s successor and, as reported, will come with a 108 MP camera sensor with 5x optical zoom. In this case, it won’t have too many camera sensors on board.

In any case, the price tag of Samsung’s next foldable phone will be considerably lower than the original Samsung Galaxy Fold. Analysts speculate that the price of Galaxy Fold’s successor will be around $900.


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