Samsung Teases a Moto Razr-Like Foldable Smartphone

Samsung’s first shot at a foldable Smartphone started off pretty bumpy but it’s not giving up anytime soon.

At its annual Developer Conference on Tuesday, the company teased a foldable smartphone with a ‘clamshell’ (think Moto Razr) form factor.

Samsung’s spokesperson did not share much about the new concept, but he did confirm that Samsung is working on “advancing new foldable form factors and bringing a new foldable device to market.”

The company also gave a sneak peek at what the device might look like if it reaches the manufacturing stage.

The video shows that the display splits as soon as the phone is folded at 90 degrees. This will revive the way vloggers and bloggers do self-photography and videography since the smartphone will come with a built-in stand (kind of).

Samsung has not committed to launching the device anytime soon. We don’t even know if the clamshell foldable phone will get to the production stage or not, but if we compare it to the book-like Galaxy Fold, the clamshell design is more likely to be a fan favorite and practical.

Consumer interest in the design is evident by the excitement behind the upcoming Motorola RAZR smartphone.

Head of Samsung’s Framework R&D Group, Hyesoon Jeong explained the company’s approach saying,

This brand-new form factor that we’re now exploring will not only easily fit in your pocket, but it also changes the way you use your phone.

Watch this space for more on Samsung.

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