Immigration Staff Ordered to Greet All Passengers With Chocolates

Deputy Director Immigration, Sajid Hussain Khokar, of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has passed new directives after incidents of indiscipline and discourteous attitude from Islamabad International Airport’s immigration staff were reported on the Citizen’s Complaint Portal.

According to the latest directives, the immigration staff has been directed to greet the passengers with phrases like ‘Assalaam u Alaikum’, ‘good morning’, and ‘good evening’ according to the time of the day.


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After a passenger is done with legal formalities, the staff will have to greet them with ‘Thank you’ or ‘Shukriya’.

Moreover, upon arrival, the immigration staff will present chocolates and sweets to passengers as part of a goodwill gesture.

In case a passenger is found with fake traveling documents or indulges in misbehavior with the immigration staff, the staff shall only exercise the lawful and legal authority conferred upon them.


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CCTV cameras have been installed inside lock-ups, offices of the assistant directors, and restrooms of staff to monitor their conduct.

According to Sajid Hussain Khokar, any case of misbehavior on part of the immigration staff will not be tolerated and will result in strict disciplinary actions.

In an attempt to end VIP culture at the airports, immigration staff is directed to ensure a single queue. However, there will be a separate line for diplomats and ambassadors to facilitate them.

Via: Dawn

  • چاکلیٹ چاہے نہ دیں ، لیکن مسافروں سے بدتمیزی کرنا چھوڑدیں

  • Once a friend of mine was travelling on last day (he had travel to avoid his resident visa cancellation for long out of country stay) from Islamabad Airport and only available option was Airblue. He was told that flight was full even though he had a ticket.

    I got connected to check-in staff from overseas and had to yell at them to let him check in. Airline staff literally asked an FIA official to offload someone so that they can make room for my friend. It happened, I couldn’t see what was happening and later was told by my friend that FIA official dragged one poor gaon wala desi looking passenger travelling on visit visa. He without any proof declared that his “ok to board” thing was suspicious.
    I used no influence, I was just tough with airline staff over the phone. After after knowing what happened to other poor passenger I felt really bad. Airline sold tickets more than the capacity and only passengers suffered and FIA facilitated the crime airline committed.

    • really pathetic …… unprofessionalism ki aala misaal …..
      air hostesses ke makeup se dehan hatay to koi kaam karein, employees he dhang ke rakho …….

    • What else were you hoping for, exactly, by pressuring the airline and FIA into making a seat for your friend? Were they supposed to give him the pilot’s seat or install a new seat on the top of the plane? If you do this kind of stuff while knowing that the plane is full, you’re fully responsible for what happened to the poor passenger. As, without your call, the poor man would’ve been allowed to travel.

  • my experience today at arrival on immigration was good – Polite and friendly staff.
    I must appreciate the good that we have.
    I am a Pakistani – I love Pakistan.

  • Arrived in Islamabad 3 days ago, immigration staff were surprisingly polite and in a good mood, despite it being very very early in the morning.

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