Huawei is Making Alternatives For Gmail, YouTube & Maps

Even though the lack of Google Mobile Services (GMS) has not affected the Company’s sales and it is closer than ever to achieving the top manufacturer spot, Huawei is still working hard to fill the void that has been created due to the whole US-China trade ban fiasco.

The Chinese Giant recently conducted the India chapter of its Huawei Developer Day recently, where the Company’s country chief addressed the GMS issue. Huawei previously announced that it will be investing $1 billion globally as part of its Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) developer integration program.

The Company is hoping to replace all the applications and APIs that are a part of GMS. Explaining how Huawei plans to tackle the whole situation, the Chinese Giant’s country chief Charles Peng, in an interview with Economic Times said:

We have our own HMS [Huawei Mobile Services – ed] and are trying to build a mobile ecosystem. Most of the key apps such as navigation, payments, gaming and messaging will be ready by December end. We are focusing on how to work with developers to offer a good customer experience.

It is a challenge that we are trying to address. In every country, we will focus on bringing top 100-150 apps to customers through HMS. We will create an end to end business model with developers, content and service providers. We will provide value to them.

It is pretty clear that Huawei is sincerely working toward bringing the best services to its consumers, however, we are unsure how the Company plans to replace Gmail and YouTube. Developing a YouTube replacement and convincing the consumers to use it sounds pretty challenging. Let’s see how things work out on the development side. Since Huawei is doing pretty well with Smartphone sales at the moment.

  • “Developing a YouTube replacement and convincing the consumers to use it sounds pretty challenging”
    Not so challenging if you have a country like China, they have Weibo, AliBaba and whatnot, setting up a Youtube alternative isn’t that difficuilt

  • We need to develop and use our own apps just like china. We should stop depending on international applications.

  • Huawei Efforts is still a good hope for us but still they have need to do alot of efforts to gain their worth cuz for game changing Israeli or American have alot of options To stop Huawei suppose if they stop their major services like, gmail app, facebook, twitter, linkedin whatsapp for their upcoming operating system all theIr efforts will be vanished.
    I don’t how they will tackle these problems.

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